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Love that Delivers

“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.” –  Ps.23:1

God promises a life worth living. Faith imparts an abundant life to those who believe in the blood of Christ. The resurrection of Christ is our eternal life-line and the source of true love. The Father’s love heals unlike any other kind of love because it’s His love that formed you into being. Death itself is nullified by the sacrifice made through Jesus. He destroyed the curse of condemnation and the power of sin. In a life lived in Christ, there is no longer the notion of a shameful or disappointed life because everything that is good and being perfected comes from God. There is no lack in Him and therefore we will not be left wanting. Life remains challenging and turbulent but the Lord sustains us by the weight of his glory and active love.

Jesus is the Verb of life. He withholds nothing from us because His love is active to transform hearts. The love He offers is made possible by His glory. He offers a love that renders in victory not in defeat like the counterfeit acts of the evil one.

There is no other god who could measure up to the weight of the glory Jesus represents. His glory generates everlasting love. It’s a love that delivers, a love that stands for you, a love the conquers death, and defeats deceit. It’s a love that grips you with eternal validity and strength and it’s a love that arms you with holy fortitude. Evil is only capable of producing evil that leaves one lacking and in desolation but God produces God. In other words, “God gives God” to all who seek Him. He gives of Himself that we would discern and know what is of Him and what isn’t. By His grace we are to become wise as serpents and innocent as doves to aptly declare God’s truth and walk in His light extinguishing the fiery darts of the evil one.

The glory of Jesus resurrects life. It is the delight of our Father to adorn us with His splendor. His love alleviates with the current of His faithfulness and His Word spoken over our life circumstances. The Word of God works in tandem with His Holy Spirit to energize new life, new hope, and new love as we draw near to Him by faith. The blessedness of internal well-being and peace is not contingent on one’s material gain and temporal pleasures but rather it comes by way of an unshakable confidence in that the very presence of God, His glory, His splendor is ours to display.

“For the LORD God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The LORD will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.” Ps. 84:11

It’s our Father’s mission to resurrect faith, love, and hope, therefore it’s our mission to do the same in whatever capacity He calls us so that His Kingdom would manifest today. Therefore, believe God has called you to display His splendor. Let us live out a life of love that is active, giving, and of eternal influence. Let His love motivate you to speak out life and freely give for the sake of your family, friends, enemies, and loved ones. Embrace and release a love that delivers!

Prayer: Lord, Your love is my deliverance. Out of Your great love for me and all creation, You have called me to display your grace and splendor. Thank you for imparting your glory that has transformed my heart to walk in love. I lack nothing because your presence goes before me. I desire to embrace and release your love wherever you lead me. Have Your way Lord that many will taste and see that You are good. Amen.

Additional verses: Is. 49:3; Heb. 2:14; Ro. 8:1; Is. 49:1; Jm.1:17; Ps. 23:1; Ps. 34:10; John 1:1; Matt. 10:16

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