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A Pulse for Passion


I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Ez. 36:26

God wants us to be passionate people. It’s passion that drives us to create unimaginable possibilities. But what are the passions that feed our heart? We are either deprived of passion; running on empty promises or we are consumed by passions that fade with the fluctuation of fads and cultural trends.The daily challenge is to overcome the overhyped movement of materialism and sensationalism. We can be overtaken by the forces of nature that push us to strive for what others have so much so that we can no longer acknowledge God’s goodness in what He gives us daily.

We would think it to be an oxymoron for a Christian to have a heart of stone but, it’s a reality. For those who have received Christ are a new creation in Him; yet we neglect the condition of our hearts. Hearts don’t grow cold and hard overnight. It’s a slow and silent process like an unanchored boat slowly drifting away from its course in the night. Hearts of stone are marked by a progressive hardening that is produced by the mishandling of life’s disappointments and the accumulation of small but significant daily quarrels. It’s the quiet numbing of one’s heart and soul.

The Gospel message spoken and lived out without the pulse of passion sways us to miss the supernatural voice of Jesus calling us by name. For the Western culture, it’s challenging to experience a passion for life in Jesus since the dawn of postmodernism, the plethora of “self-help” books, new age movements, and the “everything is relative” gospel. To top it off, the type of a recycled presentation of the message of Christ void of passion and vibrant relationships gives it a lifeless form; restricted to a watered-down storybook tale. The kind of love God gives is active. Jesus is the Verb of life. Where His Spirit is, there is life and peace. Passion comes when we continually discover the passionate pursuit of Christ. He became a man, took on our sins, and defeated the power of sin and death for us so that we could live now and forever with Him.Therefore, it’s God’s mission to protect and provide for your life today and everyday.

Don’t let the monotony of a life, void of the passion of Christ get the best of you. A religion can never restore relationships, nor can it produce resurrection life into your day-to-day, into your marriage, into your family or your present and future. Only holy passion can restore all things and it comes in the name of Jesus and through an intimate relationship with Him. Don’t submit to the confines of a religion. Gain a relationship with God. This is why it is crucial for the sake of healthy living to cultivate a prayer life that is responsive and active. Allow God to soften your heart again. It’s in that intimate place of honest prayer that we can come to our Father and receive a renewed heart, a new level of intimacy with Him where healing and restoration of faith and hope can be found. Let the Holy Spirit re-energize passion into your prayer life.

May passion for Jesus come, let it happen. Don’t be tormented about yesterday’s woes and tomorrow’s uncertainties. God’s passionate pursuit for your life protects you with confidence and peace. Let Him take first place in your life. Get away from the noise of distracted living and spend time with God. Allow Jesus to transform your heart. He wants to give you a heart of flesh that you may come alive in His love. Let the pulse of His passion revive you today.

Additional verses: Lk. 10:27; Heb. 4:12; Jn. 3:16; Jn. 1:1; Ro. 8:6; 2nd Cor. 5:21 Ps. 121:7; Gen. 22:8; Matt. 6:33

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