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Extravagant Love

But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere. 2 Cor. 2:14

The heartbeat of Jesus is to deliver us from the effects of evil intention, fear, and man-made pride. His promise is to display His glory through us as He continues to deliver us with the passing of each day until we see Him face to face. We are made in the image of God, therefore our destiny is to be one with Him. The rewards for gaining a healthy fear before the Lord is a humble heart, honor, and a life being continually strengthened in His peace.

The Word of God speaks of the supremacy of Christ marked by an untainted character, fortified by a humility abounding in power to lead us into true love. Jesus made himself nothing so that we could become something wonderful in this life. He laid down His divinity so that we would receive a new beginning and engage in an ultimate exchange, from death to life and from darkness to light so we may live life like never before. We embrace an authentic relationship with the Maker of our souls. Jesus took the form of man to humble us, to minister to us, and to release us from grip of pride that so easily binds us, weakens our character, and limits our capacity to understand what love truly looks like. The potency and power of love is demonstrated through a giving and beloved spirit:

By this we know what love is: Jesus laid down His life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. 1 John 3:16

Just as Jesus has the authority to lay down His life so that others may live, we too have been empowered by His Spirit to have dominion over our own hearts, minds and bodies so we may willingly lay down our lives for the good of others. The same Spirit that rose Jesus from the grave is the same Spirit residing in us that we would love without expecting anything in return. Passion to love and to give of oneself is the resurrection power of Christ working in and through us. The evil one would be silenced and found disarmed because the love of Jesus is captured in the hearts of God’s children.

There is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. Jesus lifts us up out of the dirt and mire, He wipes our tears, cleanses us and wraps His mantle of faithfulness, goodness, knowledge, and power to create in us a life worth living. The deliverance brought by the death and resurrection of Jesus is to be imparted into the DNA of everyone who believes, leaving the fragrance of the Holy One upon your identity, your body, mind, and spirit. The fragrance of His extravagant love remains in you as you stay close and draw near in intimacy with the true lover of your soul. He longs for you. We know this by the weight of the cross, the magnitude of the surrender and the cry of death endured by God the Father, Son, and Spirit to gain your love. His fragrance is ours to keep and meant to be released for all to receive.

The freedom of Jesus is meant to be displayed and sustained in the hearts of his children in every season. Just as Jesus laid down his life for many, we too have the authority to lay down our lives and raise it up again after the blows of frustration, trials, and let-downs. Jesus turns darkness into light in it’s proper time, just as love awakens when it so desires, God works in every detail of your life’s journey and works everything together for our own good so that we may trust in Him rather than in our own understanding. In every disappointment and for every hurt and season of drought and loneliness, God has a response that wills you to move forward. Let us trust in His love to resurrect new life, for even in great loss and grief, there is everlasting life.

The freedom that Jesus offers you daily is a love marked by a life of forgiveness, a life of sacrifice that grows from giving and receiving in humility. It’s a freedom that  leads to transformation of identity as He realigns your heritage and position as a child of God. It replenishes you day-in and day- out. His Spirit renews your inner man from rags to riches through his wisdom and protection. Receive this heavenly recompense so that what once was thought of as a burden now becomes a delight, what was enslaving you in fear and depression now motivates you to confront the challenge head on with the strength of God to attain the victory. Take God at His Word and believe He made a mockery of the evil one when Jesus overcame sin and death once and for all. Jesus will always lead you into triumph! Abide in Him, let His sweet fragrance of love spring forth a new level of humility and thanksgiving so many can see the light of Jesus in you today.

Prayer: Lord, your love is too great to contain. May I give it out unreservedly. No matter what I’m facing, may I keep falling in love with who you are and remain in the security of your name. Jesus, you are the pave-maker and true promise-keeper in every season of my life. Your fragrance is all I want and need. Anoint me in your extravagant love so others may experience you like never before. I continue to declare my freedom in you to love, to bring reconciliation, and healing for those you are calling back to yourself. May I humble my heart before you in such a way that I may see you triumph in my life and through my weaknesses. In increasing measure, may I give glory to the One who has set me free. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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